UW-Madison’s Art Certificate Program

In 2013, the University of Wisconsin-Madison established the art certificate, a program designed to allow students to earn credits for taking art classes while continuing education in their field of study. Navigate the pages to learn more about the program and the people involved.

Oil painting class

Photo by Elizabeth Koskiewicz

Program: Read about the origins of the art certificate, some of the students involved and the advantages they believe their art certificate will give them.

Students: Take a walk through the genetics lab with art certificate student Anna-Lisa Doebley or learn about all the art certificate students at UW-Madison and their different majors.

Faculty: Check out a magazine layout featuring Lynda Barry, an art department instructor who believes cartooning and creativity are valuable assets to any student.

Courses: Enter the wood shop with woodworking instructor Jordan Gehman or discover the different courses students take to receive their art certificate.

About: Learn about the author and view a list of interview and outside sources.